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Brendon Hill
Mob: 021 743 402
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Kidz Kartz

Max Hill

Club membership: Canterbury
Member since: 2014
Current Horse: Barney

How does it feel to be selected for the Cup?: Feels great to be driving with all my mates!
Most Admired People In Harness Racing: Sam Thornley, Benny Hill, Dexter Dunn, Ricky May
What would you like to do when you leave school?: Harness Racing Driver
What Colours do you race in? Black, Turquoise Stars, Striped Sleeves
Favourite Horse: Monkey King
Favourite Food/Meal: Pies/Lollies
Pony's Name: Barney
How long have you driven this pony?: Just this season - 2017
Does your pony have any funny or bad habits?: Loves a bit of grass!

Seth Hill

Club membership: Canterbury
Member since:
Current Horse: Frisbee


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