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Benny has been around horses for most of his life so it was no surprise that he would take up training. With his mother’s background as a member of the famous Stormont family, Benny certainly had the credentials to attain the highest levels in harness racing.
Benny himself is an accomplished jockey (having held a jockeys licence for 15 months and doing most of his riding at trials) and now holds both an Open Drivers and Public Trainers licence for harness racing. It is not unusual to see Benny on the race track driving some of his horses and has over the years to August 2016 recorded 86 winners.

Benny’s high training achievements come as a result of his high standards of work ethics which include commitment, hard work, kindness, sensitivity, horse sense, knowledge and his caring attitude to his horses, owners and staff. Working hard is no stranger to Benny, and in doing so he earns the respect and rapport of both the horses and the people he deals with.

‘Although I have had many highlights in my training career so far, it is still only the start for me and I still want to achieve more and be classed as one of the best trainers around’, Benny said.

“I enjoy my work and life and if I can take an owner/s with me on this journey of fun, excitement, comradery and exhilaration that will mean a lot to me.

If you are interest on coming on this journey by joining our team of owners, either as a horse owner or a partnership/syndicate owner, make contact with me now and let the fun times ahead begin.

Questions and answers from Brendon Hill about previous horses and life.

How does Dalton Bromac compare to some of the other stars you have trained over the years, Monkey King, Bailey’s Dream, Carabella, Power Of Tara, Tennis Ball …?
“He is showing promise but has a long way to go before you can put him in high categories. He is heading in the right direction but he has a way to go.”

Monkey King won two New Zealand Cups for you, the first in 2009 when you were only 35. What was that day like?
“Words can’t describe! But I will be a wrinkled up old man in a retirement village and probably still get tearful watching it!”

Carabella won 17 races, and had two seconds from only 19 starts, including an incredible 10-win streak during 2010-2011. She won almost $700,000 in stake money and   was voted Harness Horse of the Year in 2011 as a three-year-old. As a pretty special filly, what was she like to train?
“Carabella was an absolute pleasure to train. Even as a youngster she was a real lady, easy to be around.”
She is a broodmare now. Has she left any foals yet?
“She has just had a Mach Three colt so fingers crossed he will be half as good as his mama.”
Ricky May has driven many winners for you. What makes him such a great driver?
“Ricky May is a true professional and has a natural gift. He is one of the best in the world.”
Is there anything you would like to change about harness racing?
“I would like to see an improvement with the handicapping system, and I think owners need to be looked after better.”
Why did you decide to become involved in harness racing?
“I have always been involved with horses.”
Do you have any family members involved in the industry?
“My Mum’s side of the family are involved with horses.  She is a Stormont. I worked for my uncle Michael as a boy.”
Can you name one thing about you that might surprise people?
” I can grow hair. I choose not to.”
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